Sciton BBL & MOXI Combined


Sciton BBL & MOXI Combined

Achieve dramatic results for your face and body with the powerful combination of Sciton MOXI and BBL combined, offering minimal downtime. MOXI utilizes a gentle, non-ablative laser to enhance your skin’s tone and texture on your face, neck, chest, and hands, while BBL HERO addresses a wide range of skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, age spots, spider veins, redness, and rosacea.

Experience the ultimate skin renewal through these two synergistic treatments:

  1. Quick and effortless large area treatments with no downtime.
  2. Comfortable and well-tolerated procedures (with the option of using anaesthetic cream for MOXI).
  3. Simple aftercare: avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen.
  4. Able to apply makeup just 24 hours after treatment.

MOXI delivers fractional laser energy, creating micro-coagulation zones that prompt the body’s natural repair process, replacing damaged cells with fresh ones. BBL HERO, the most powerful IPL device currently available, efficiently treats pigment issues, sun damage, redness, spider veins, rosacea, and age spots throughout the entire body.

In just minutes, Sciton MOXI and BBL combined together provide comprehensive revitalization for your entire body, with minimal downtime.

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